Margherita Helzel


MOLTO DI PERSONALE is a group show that moves between craftsmanship, design and art. Three different productions that dialogue and coexist in a historic area on this street, each one bringing stories, culture, design, personality and patience. The old shelves of the former Atalante bookshop will host the textile works of Loredana Giulioli worked with different techniques of stitching, embroidery, grafting and overlapping which transform the fabric into matter, then into shape and finally into an object. Some even come to life. On the opposite wall, Etn360 will make his debut in Milan: the Hokusai exhibition at Palazzo Reale in 2016 was the inspiration that today brings Gianluca Reale back here with his views of Etna from different parts of the island. Only a stroke of ink to picture a live volcano, always present and always different, protagonist of the landscape and the soul, which reveals itself in all its inner power when you least expect it. From Sicily comes EL, a brand that uses bronze to design wearable micro-architectures inspired by the world of graphics and architecture. The metal profiles become the place in which to set Murano glass rods or drip enamels, the mobile track for the Venetian pearl of a ring or the pendant
of a necklace.


EX ATALANTE, via Tadino 30, Milano


@mhelzel #milanoviatadino30


Tuesday 18 - Sunday 23 April 2023
(Tuesday/Sunday: 10am-7.30pm)

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