AUDI House of Progress

AUDI HOUSE OF PROGRESS @Portrait Milano, Corso Venezia 11

The Domino Act is the title of the installation, but it is also and above all a principle interpreted from an artistic perspective: a decision made in one area can have a positive impact in another, that is, it is capable of triggering a beneficial domino effect in terms of sustainability. At the same time, the project emphasizes how important it is today to act together to counter climate change and the environmental crisis.

With its circular scheme, which has the Audi skysphere concept car as its focal point, the installation is meant to metaphorically tell how important it is to put human values at the center of everything; a principle dear to the four-ring Brand, which here showcases its vision of premium mobility and its revolutionary approach to car design according to a perspective that from the inside out and revolves around human values, desires and needs, conceived as elements of a whole and not as entities in their own right.

Audi's central presence symbolizes research and progress as distinctive and integral factors in the brand's decarbonization journey. The installation consists of 22 monoliths 4.5 meters high and 1.2 meters across whose reflective surfaces multiply the presence of people and surrounding greenery, subtly but constantly reminding visitors that acting together is far more effective than acting alone, and that progress toward a more sustainable world begins with us.

At night, when the interaction and animation created by natural light fades away.

The Domino Act comes to life through light and sound, with soundscapes created in collaboration with Smider that are activated at set times. The night lighting of the monoliths is intended to emphasize light as a foundational element of Audi design.


AUDI House of Progress
Corso Venezia 11

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